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Review may contain spoilers

Jojo Rbbit

Going into this film I thought it was just going to be about a comedy about a boy in nazi Germany with Hitler as an Imaginary Friend, which in reality isn' wrong. But through comedy and surprisingly powerful emotional scenes, the film also manages to tell a story about the destruction of a ten-year-old German child's blind belief in the fascist regime. Despite playing Hitler, Taika Waititi has managed to craft a beautiful film that reminds us of the true horror that was the second world war

The Thing From Another World


Okay, well, to be honest, this movie didn't actually scare me, But my god is it amazing like they literally fucking set an actor on fire, like???? The move was oddly believable in its sci-fi elements. which is a strange element that most movies from this time period seem to have, and something that I think most modern sci-fi is sorely lacking. But hey for a ((69)) year old movie, it's pretty good.


YOOOOOO wtf, okay, okay, okay!! Holy shit was this movie amazing

So kinda just saw this while scrolling through Netflix, originally I thought it would juts be some typical "super kid" movie, but I was by far wrong. The movie already opens up with many different mystery and ideas being thrown at you, all of which can lead you to different concussions. But not only that, it also establishs ideas and different story elements without even drawing attention to them. I can happily say that I fell that every single one of these polt threads gets handled and finished in satisfactory way. Definitely been a while since a new movie has entered me in this way Well worth a watch

Flushed Away

This was actually the first film I ever saw in the cinema, not massively sure how much I enjoyed the movie back then. But, every time I have watched the movie since then. Honestly, my only gripe with the movie is that the movie feels "off" in some places, maybe it's the uncanny valley, but for the most part, I really enjoy the animation, the soundtrack and the comedy.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Watching this movie is hard. Really hard. I actually had trouble following what was even happening in a large amount of scenes, the editing in this is embarrassing, the pacing in this is embarrassing, the entire movie is just a by-product of the capitalist machine. No heart, no soul.

Groundhog Day

I really enjoy this movie every time I watch it, There are a lot of small details in this film that makes it extra-interesting to re-watch, the clocks in the diner all being broken, the kid in the hospital... This shots they used in the movie are really well chosen, like the single shot of Phil walking around the diner The only real problem I have with the film is how rapey Phil is, though you can really just chalk this up to Phil being a massive dick. And it seems he learns not to be a rapist at the end of the movie. It's a great movie that everyone should watch at some point

Silent House

This movie isn't even a good bad horror movie, it's just bad... Credit where credit is due, the twist wasn't half bad, the build up to what they did her wasn't actually exacuted that badly. Though some aspects of the twist were confusing. The acting was surprisingly good (not that their is a lot of dialogue). The single shot style did get tiresome at points, but was used well to build suspence at others. Honestly this movie isn't even good enough to watch jokingly

Review may contain spoilers


I went into this movie not knowing that the entire thing was done in one shot, thinking it would just be another typical WW1 movie. When I was watching it I was impressed at how the first few minutes were a single shot (until if course I discovered that the whole thing was one shot), I also enjoyed the fact the movie protected the rawness of the war, bodies just lying everywhere, the treatment of the soldiers, along with the real fear of the war. I really enjoyed how the realistically the movie portrayed the war, the battle at the end, and the dog fight was my favourite. Honestly everything about this movie was perfect for me, apart from the time he blacked out, which I thought was a huge cop out and the cgi where he jumped into the river looked terrible and took me straight out of the movie